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Reading Resources from the VA DOE

  1. English Curriculum Framework (Essential understandings, knowledge, skills, processes for teaching English, from the VA DOE)
  2. Reading Student Performance Analysis (Analysis of statewide student performance on 2014 SOL tests. Useful for guiding instruction to identify areas of need to increase student understanding)
  3. VDOE Reading Practice Items by Skill (These documents organize the Practice Items into Word Analysis and Comprehension skills across Grades 3-8)
  4. ESS (English Enhanced Scope & Sequence) Lesson Plans (English Enhanced Scope and Sequence (ESS) Sample Lesson Plans help teachers align instruction with the 2010 English Standards of Learning (SOL) by providing examples of how the knowledge, skills and processes found in the SOL and curriculum framework can be presented to students in the classroom)
  5. SOL Practice Items (Practice items provide examples of the new content and increased rigor of the 2010 English SOL)
  6. Archived Released Tests (2007-2011)
  7. Vocabulary Resources from VADOE
  8. Frequently Asked Questions (Prepared by VDOE to answer questions that were asked specifically about the 2010 English SOLs)
Helpful Reading Resources

  1. Read Works (ReadWorks provides research-based units, lessons, and authentic, leveled non-fiction and literary passages directly to educators online, for free, to be shared broadly.)
  2. Into the Book (Lesson plans, activity guides and student videos focusing on comprehension strategies)
  3. Read, Write, Think (Teacher lesson plans, student interactives)
  4. TEI Blog (Technology enhanced flipcharts for reading)