Curbside & Parent Pickup

Curbside Pickup 
Curbside Pickup is a system which allows parents or guardians to pick up students from the front of the school building without having to get out of their vehicles. Parents register for this service and are issued a tag with a number which is displayed from the vehicle’s rear view mirror. Students are issued a backpack tag with the corresponding number which is attached to the student’s backpack. 

Procedures for Curbside Pickup are outlined below:

  • Parents/guardians will wait for students in the circular drive in front of the school 
  • Parents/guardians should arrive in pick up lanes no earlier than 3:30 pm 
  • The curbside pick-up tag must be hanging visibly from the vehicle’s rear view mirror. 
  • Please help your child learn how to get quickly and safely into car seats or seatbelts as they are loading into the vehicle. Practice at home to avoid backing up the line at school. 
  • While waiting for your turn to pick up your child, please do not block the bus lanes or entrance to the parking lot. As the line grows, please position your vehicle along the road leading to the Sealston Sports Complex.

Parent Pick Up 

Parents/guardians who are not participating in the Curbside Pickup system will park near the back entrance of the gym. This entrance is accessed to the left of the school coming in.

Please enter the back gym door to sign out students. (Doors open at 3:40pm)

Parents/guardians must have a photo ID to pick up students.

Parents/guardians should remain in the gym until students arrive.

Parents/guardians will exit through the rear door of the gym after signing out students with staff member.